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"What is Content Repurposing?" & More Questions Answered

September 27, 2022 Krystal Proffitt Season 1 Episode 371
The Proffitt Podcast
"What is Content Repurposing?" & More Questions Answered
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"Seriously though...what is content repurposing?" A question many of you have asked recently. It's not only a concept I've been obsessed with since 2020 when I decided to go all-in on my platforms. It's also the thing people ask me about the most.

Sure, people want to know how to start a podcast. Or how to get their show notes just right or their website. Or what to say for their YouTube CTAs. But most often, I'm asked, "How do you create so much content each week?" 

Today's episode is for answering your content repurposing questions. From videos to podcasts to blog posts, we're covering a little bit of everything. 

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I want us to go back to January 2022, which in reality sounds like a lifetime ago. But also, I cannot believe that that was just the beginning of this year. Like it hasn't even been a full year since January. And yet so much has changed about my business about my content. And just everything like every so much has changed. And I have never been happier to be creating the content that I'm creating today. I know it makes me sound like such a dork. I'm so excited about content,repurposing content strategy,helping people take the incredible content that you've already created. Maybe you first found me because you wanted to learn how to podcast. And then you were like, You know what, I think I want to learn how to get a little bit more strategic and start making money with my podcast. And then maybe you wanted to add in a YouTube channel or create some show notes on a website. And those were your blog post. And now you're here. And you're wondering, why is Krystal so excited about repurposing content? Well, I am gearing up to launch a brand new program in October called Radical Repurposing. And this program,like I've literally been eating,sleeping and breathing, content repurposing. For the last few months, I could say, oh, the last few weeks, but if I really thinking about it, I laid out the outline for this course, in May. So no, like the beginning of the summer, he was like, you know, I'm gonna do it. I know that this is the next move, for me for my business and for my audience. But I know that the concept of repurposing may not be something that you're familiar with. So today, I wanted to cover some basic questions, medium questions, and then some questions from the community that I see all the time and why, like, those are the questions that get me super excited to chat about this. So let's get right to it. Welcome to the profit podcast, where we teach you how to start launch and market your content with confidence. I'm your host,Krystal, Proffitt, and I'm so excited that you're here. Thanks for hanging out with me today.Because if you've been trying to figure out the world of content creation, this is the show that will help be your time saving shortcut. So let's get right to it, shall we?

1. What is Content Repurposing:

Okay,so like I said, some of these are very basic questions that I hear all the time. And others are ones that I've seen from creators and online communities just like you who want to be more strategic with their content. And at the root of it all, because I've talked to many of you. And I can't wait to share some of the conversations that I've had, like with people in this community about repurposing. The thing that I hear loud and clear, is you just don't want to struggle with the time. And the stress that comes with content creation. Like this is what I heard, I actually interviewed seven people from this audience, and I did what's called validation calls before I started creating this program.And it was just so like, the writing was very clear on the wall. It is stressful, and it takes way too much time to create content that they can't even think about repurposing it because they're so stressed out.So I hear you, like, if you're nodding, you're driving in the car right now or you're on your run, you're like, oh my gosh,yes, it takes so much time. It's so stressful. Don't worry, I got you covered. Okay, I have you covered. And before we dive into anything that's too complex. I wanted to go over the basics. So this is where we need to get started. So number one, what is content repurposing? What does that even mean? Well, in its simplest form, it is taking one piece of content and using it multiple ways. So for example,you can record a podcast episode that turns into a YouTube video and social media clips or blog posts that turns into a LinkedIn article and part of an email newsletter. I could literally spin off in 1000 different directions on how you can repurpose specific piece of content, I almost think of it like a game show like you could hold up like a flashcard that says email newsletter, and I could give you like 10 ways to use it, or you put up social media or Instagram story like, I could give you all the different ways that you can use one piece of content in so many different in so many different ways or so many different platforms, so many different styles. Like there's just the possibilities are endless. And again, this is why I get so nerdy about it.It's so excited. But the best thing about it all is that there's not just one way to repurpose content, you can use high level or granular down to the tiniest detail strategies to make your content have a bigger impact. So that's what I want you thinking about I want you thinking about looking at other people that repurpose content really well. And saying, Do I want to do that? Like, is that style right for me? Like I love what they're doing. But how can I make that my own? Because this is what I started doing. I started looking at people that I follow that have multiple platforms, different social media channels, and they have one really important message and I just kind of started paying attention and saying, How can I do that. But for me, for my content for my audience in a way that makes sense to me. And it's not stressful. It's not overwhelming. It's not super time consuming. And I told you earlier like beginning of the year, I was thinking back to January 2022. And I have scaled back my content so much so so much since then. But y'all back in January, I was publishing three YouTube videos a week to podcast episodes, I was publishing my weekly newsletter,and I was posting on Instagram at a minimum, once a day, there was content coming out the wazoo over here.But I gotta tell you,it wasn't stressful. Sometimes it felt a little time consuming.But it was not something that I dreaded or hated in the slightest. I actually really,really love that. Oh, I also did a live stream every week to do a weekly live stream on Tuesdays.I can't forget about that. But what I did during that time that I was producing so much content,I was re using everything I was repurposing it, I was strategic with all of it, which is why I want to teach other people in this community how to do that as well. So whether you want to scale up or scale back or skill,you know, horizontally with your content, like whatever that looks like for you. I just want you to understand that there's no one way to do it. The possibilities are endless. And I just can't wait to teach you some of these ways as we continue to gear up for the new program that I'm launching.

2. What is Your Favorite Way to Repurpose Content?:

Okay.So that's question number one.What is content repurposing?Right. The second one is, what is your favorite way to repurpose content? I was asked this recently when I was telling somebody I was really excited about, you know, this new program and all the things I'm doing they were like, well, why book? Why do you love it so much? Like what is your favorite way? Like, why does this work so well? And if I'm being really honest, when I look at all the different strategies I've used for repurposing, the one that I love the most is video repurposing, because I started really repurposing content when I ramped up my YouTube channel,because my youtube channel wasn't really something I did on a consistent basis until I think it was 2019 is when I said okay,I'm going all in I'm going to post one video a week come rain or shine come hell or high water because I was pretty consistent with my podcasts. But it wasn't until January 2020 that I actually made that a reality right? I made the commitment didn't too much stick to it, but in 2020 like I went all in and actually made it happen. And I experimented with video. Well,we're actually going to talk about this. There's another question here in a second that I'll tell you where I messed up with video and podcasting, but when it comes to my favorite way, I just love that video kind of hits the audience and all the senses right you get the visual component you get the if you want to do some cool editing,you can do the audio like you can do so many things with the original piece of video, but then you can edit it down into shorter YouTube videos if you want, you could take a 20 minute video and strip it down into four minute videos. And then boom, you got five YouTube videos instead of just one. Or you can strip the audio out and create a podcast episode, you can create short clips for social media and you can use the transcripts from that video for a blog post. Like there's so much you can do when you're starting with a video. But I know there's a lot of you that are cringing and you're like Krystal, I don't do video. I don't do video. I came here for the podcast, I'm staying for the podcast. Why are we talking about video? And I get it, I get it. Okay. I only feel so comfortable on video today because I actually yell This is so funny, and I'll have to share it on my socials. But I found a video the other day it was from2017 I was going to this is before my podcast days, okay,this is well before my podcast days, and I recorded a video and it was the atrocious like, under the chin like bad angle selfie video of me. I was going to a book conference and I was like talking about it or whatever.And I just like I'm cracking up because it was so bad. It was so so bad. But I got started in2017 with video. So fast forward five years. And now I feel super comfortable. So if you're very uncomfortable right now, and you're like, oh, I don't want to do a video it is like it's not the thing for me. Give it time,because you're going to be bad,you will be bad. I'm not going to sit here and sugarcoat it and say, oh my gosh, just turn it on. You're gonna be amazing. No,it's really weird. It's awkward.It's awful. And you will get better over time. I'm sure this isn't the pep talk. You were imagining that I would give you about video. But it's one of those things that I just kind of did it. And then I showed up again. And I made that commitment to show up every single week and I fumbled through it. I said a lot of things that were kind of weird.And sometimes I was talking to myself like I am today. I mean,let's be honest. I'm talking to my microphone right now. I mean,I know you're listening, but I'm in a room by myself. And I'm just talking like it was even more awkward when I had a camera in my face. And I'm on Facebook Live and nobody is there. Nobody was there. I was just like,Okay, well, I hope somebody shows up. But I hope it's not somebody from my high school that I haven't talked to in like20 years, because that's weird.Like, okay, we're going on a tangent and I want to bring us back because we are talking about repurposing, but I just want to throw that out there for anybody that's like Krystal, I really don't want to do a video,I encourage you to embrace it. I feel like it's not going away anytime soon. And it is a great way to repurpose content. But now I want to get into some community questions. Okay, so these are ones that I have seen in the profit podcast online community and some of the other communities that I'm a part of.And I pulled these and I just wanted to give you the straight answer. If you are the one asking this, then thank you so much for submitting your questions. But I wanted to give you my feedback as though you are the person that's asking me this because these questions the ones that I picked, they've come up time and time again. That's why I'm answering them here on the show today because I know this one person in the audience isn't the only person that had the same question.

3. Do You Do Video with Your Podcast?:

Okay.So let's get started. So the question is, do you do a video with your podcast? I'm back and forth between not wanting to deal with it and thinking I might as well. I'm comfortable with video. But is it worth it?Is there any way to make zoom sound better? I'm just starting.And if I do video, bouncing between zoom and squad cast, I don't know. I'm doing a combo of solo and guest episodes. Okay,great question. Thank you so much for submitting this because this is the one where I laughed earlier where I really screwed up. video and podcast. Okay.I'll tell you the whole thing.I'll tell you the whole story.So number one, I don't do videos for my solo podcast. Like right now. I have a messy bun. I'm sitting in my office and I don't want anybody and have no makeup on. I don't want anybody to see me right now. Like I'm in my comfy clothes, comfy pants, and I just I don't I when I record my podcast, I prefer to not be on video, especially for my solo episodes. I'll do it for interviews, but for solo episodes, I tried it and it did not work. So in 2019 I told myself I need to start recording videos. Remember I just told you this I was like I'm gonna get I'm gonna get so into YouTube,my YouTube Daniel's gonna blow up and you know what? Why don't I just go ahead and start recording, I'll do a video podcast because people want to see that people will just want to see me talking. I'm laughing as I say it because it was so bad. But every episode of my podcast there for a bit, I said,I'm gonna record it, I'm gonna do a video party, I'm gonna go all in and I'm gonna make it happen. It was way too much,y'all. It was way too much. I got so distracted. Like, I wish that there was like an animated like swivel head, like where you could see because I have two monitors in front of my desk are in front of like where I'm recording right now I have one monitor has my recording software. And the other one like I'm looking at my Asana notes.This is how I record my podcast.And of course, I have my mic on the boom arm right in front of my face right now. If I were also having to look at a camera,and have a smile on my face, and point when I'm supposed to point and not have too many breaks,but then look at my notes. But then look back at the camera,keep eye contact with the camera. But then where did I go on my notes? Okay, I don't know where I was. So there's a lot of awkward pauses, it takes me four times longer to edit the dang video because I had a pause so much and I'm stumbling. And I'm fumbling around in it was just way too much. Because I read my notes. This is not a secret.Like I have told you all this before. I look at my notes when I'm recording my podcast,because that's what I do. It's what I teach other people to do is like have a rough outline,have a full blown script if you need it. But I don't just start talking, I have notes in front of me. And it is really hard because I don't want a teleprompter that feels it makes me feel more scripted. If I were to actually have a teleprompter,and then God forbid it starts going too fast or too slow. And then you're fumbling with the technical piece in the back.Like it's just, it's too complicated. It's too complicated. But I will say I do still use my podcast content for YouTube, but in a different way.So like today's podcast episode is a perfect example, I have every intention of saying exactly what I'm talking about here today. But in a YouTube format, I'm going to publish it like on Friday, like when this episode goes live, you're gonna find a YouTube video that has this similar content. But it won't have this audio, it's not going to have the audio from today's episode. So you're not going to hear me talking about the fact that this podcast is going to be used for a YouTube video like oh, you're not going to find that because what I will do is I will reuse the notes from today because I created a whole outline. It's like bullet points. It's got notes in it for today's episode. And I will use that to create a video. And what I love about this approach is that I've already planned the content once well actually I kind of did it twice. Here's another one of my little ninja tricks. I planned it in a notebook. If you've been around here for a while, you know, I love me some 25 cent notebooks that I buy when back to school happens every year at Target go.And I'll get like 10 or 20notebooks because they're 25cents, and I just stock up and you should see I have a huge pile over here in my desk. And I have all these notebooks and I write everything down. So before I recorded this morning, I wrote everything out in a notebook and I said, Okay, this is what today's episode is going to be.Then I uploaded those notes into Asana. So it's kinda like I've already practice twice on what I was going to say, now I'm recording this version of the podcast. And then whenever this thing like I sit down to record it again, for a YouTube video.I'm so much more prepared when I hit record. And this ultimately cuts down on the time that I have to spend in post production editing. Because I've already said it once. I've planned it twice. I know what I'm talking about whenever I'm creating that video content. And as one final bonus, I know how to market this content that I'm talking about right now. So much better,because I've practiced it three times like I've already done it.So it just makes it that much more valuable. So that is the long winded answer. Like do you use video with a podcast? No,not necessarily. I don't just strip the audio and just upload it or you know, I just don't do that. It doesn't work for me. It doesn't mean it can't work for other people. It doesn't work for me and what I prefer to do is create the podcast episode first. I call this like, you know the dry run or the dress rehearsal and then by the time I go to create a YouTube video,I'm good I'm golden. I got this is because I've already done it three times at that point.

4. Turn Livestreams into Podcast Episodes?:

Okay,the next question. I've been doing a weekly live stream,which I plan to repurpose for one of my twice a week podcast episodes, will it make will? Or will it matter if the sound quality is different? So there wasn't a lot of context behind this question as far as like how they're recording. So I don't really know what the original platform was where they were capturing the live stream, but it can make all the difference.So here's my advice. If you know, if you're wanting to repurpose a live stream, do as much as possible to improve the audio quality. If you're you already know, like, you plan ahead, you're like, I am going to turn this into a future podcast episode. Or even as soon as it's done, you're like, I'm gonna download the audio, and I'm going to use it for my podcast. As soon as I'm finished with this live stream, there's a few ways that you can improve your audio. So number one, for Instagram or Facebook Live or YouTube Live, like wherever you're going live. If you're doing it from your phone, put in air pods, or a head like headphone set with a mic. To reduce the amount of echo you hear in the background. This is so important. So if you're recording from you know, you're outside or you're doing it like it's just, it's really weird when people think that they're doing a good thing right there,like, Oh, I'm in the moment, I'm making the instant at Instagram,and I'm just gonna turn it on.And they're like in a crowded airport. And they don't have air pods, they you can't hear them,they don't have headphones in.And it's just like, you hear all the noise in the background. And then they repurpose it for a podcast. And it's like, ah, it was probably good for the people that were live. And in the moment they want it. But the people that are listening to this later, they don't want to hear all that traffic, they don't want to hear all this extra stuff. So make sure that you do something that reduces the amount of the extra noises or echo that you'll hear in the background. So that's number one. The second thing is if you're recording from your computer, use your podcast mic,very easy, very, very easy. So the audio will sound so much better. This is what I would always do whenever I was live streaming, I use my podcast microphone. And then I would use my air pods whenever I went live on my phone. So it's two simple solutions that you have to make the audio quality sound a little bit better. But there's two additional pieces of software that you can try out that I have used. And one of them I still use on every single time every time. So one of them is magic mastering with Buzzsprout. So you all know I love Buzzsprout they have a tool called Magic mastering it is an additional cost to your account. I don't remember the exact breakdown,but it's a few extra dollars a month 100% worth it. Because what it is, is it cleans up the audio. So if it doesn't sound great the first time whenever you've recorded that, I mean it's not going to take all that background noise of you at the airport and totally erase it but it will clean it up a little bit where it's not as bad. And you can also use all phonic, which if you didn't know this, all phonic is magic mastering, it's just licensed through Buzzsprout. But it is something if you're not a Buzzsprout user and you're like well I can't use magic mastering well, you can try off phonic and I'll have it linked in the show notes. So'll have everything that we're talking about here today. But I use these all the time. So if something doesn't sound great,the first go round. Like you need to try as best as you can to clean up some of that audio,so you can use it and feel proud of it. And then the last thing you can always tell your audience, hey, this was originally recorded as an IG live and I was outside in the park, there was a lot going on and the audio isn't as good as my regular episode. But the content is too good not to share. You can always have that disclaimer, I've listened to many, many podcast episodes where someone's like I recorded this at a conference and there was like a really bad echo, or somebody's internet connection wasn't as great, but the content is so good. And you know what, I still listen to it, and I was totally fine with it. So you could always give that disclaimer to your audience. So I hope I answered that well, but it was a really good question.

5. What are Your Thoughts on Repurposing Podcast to Blog Posts?:

Alright,last one. What are your thoughts on repurposing podcast episodes as blog post or vice versa? I have a new podcast as well as a blog and I've wondered if my blog post and my podcast episodes should be aligned with one another each week or is that overkill? If they should be aligned? How like can they Be,I'd love talking about shownotes. And I know it's like the bane of most people's existence most podcasters are like, please just tell me just give me permission and not do show notes. Okay, I don't want to do them. They look too much.Okay, here's your permission,you create your content, however you want to create your content.Okay? There's your permission slip. You do you do it, however you want to do it. Okay. But I personally love creating show notes for this podcast, I repurpose this podcast every single week, it turns into,quote, show notes. But let's be honest, y'all, their blog post,come on, you know this, you know this by now like my show notes on my website, that is a blog post. It is a blog post. And the main reason I do this is because my content has a higher reach as a blog post that lives independently on my website than it does if it were just a podcast. Because the SEO and the searchability on Google, like it hits my website differently. Then podcast players like Apple podcast, or good pods or Spotify, like the way that people search for this type of content. It just doesn't play as well on the podcast players as it does on a regular search engine. So this is why I create show notes for my podcast. And it is never overkill. If you are talking about your content, okay? Please think of your favorite content creators that you love to follow online. Okay, picture them, I hope that you have one person,like in your brain right now that you love to follow. Now,let's play some hypothetical daydreaming, if you will. Let's imagine that they have a podcast and a YouTube channel and blog,and Instagram and Pinterest in an email newsletter, where they publish weekly content, maybe they publish daily content, and most of these places, I bet, if you see their content in one place, you don't immediately run to all of their other channels,because you're on Instagram to look at Instagram, right? You're not going to say, Oh, they got an a YouTube video, I'm gonna go run and get it. No, you're probably going to hang out on Instagram and keep scrolling for a little bit. Or maybe you're going to interact with people.But you're not going to get upset. If you go from Instagram to YouTube. And you see that same person and realize there's that content they were just talking about on Instagram, but it's the longer version, you're not going to be mad at them.You're you're not gonna be and why is that? Why is it that you are not going to be mad at this person, you're not going to say,oh my gosh, that's just overkill, it is way too much.You're not going to be mad because you care about your their content, you care about what they're creating, you liked that person, and you want their content on the preferred platform that you're on. So you may head over to their podcasts because you're like, oh my gosh,I just saw her post on IG stories. And I totally forgot she has a brand new podcast out today. So you go check out her podcast, then you head over to the blog to look deeper into the resources she mentioned in her podcast because it was exactly what you needed to hear. So you go to her blog. The only way to overkill on your audience is if your content is boring, or all you do is say hey, look at me.Look at me. I'm amazing. That's not the way to go. That is a way to lead to overkill and no one no one cares about that. But if you are promoting all of your stuff in a way that is adding value. This is the key word here. This is the crux of it all. If you're adding value,your audience won't care how often they see you promoting the next thing in their feed. I promise you this. I don't get mad. I do not get mad when I see Amy Porterfield talking about something that's going to help me okay. I don't I don't get I don't get mad. I'll see her on Instagram. I'll see her on my Facebook feed. I'll get an email from her. Like I just I don't get mad because I'm like, I just decided in that moment, or was it something I need to look at right now? Okay, like it can wait or wait. She's got a new podcast. Oh my gosh, I didn't know she was interviewing her.Of course I want to go listen to this episode. So don't think that people are getting frustrated or upset with you. If you're posting content and all the places it is not overkill.It is encouraged. It is encouraged for you to take your content, put it in all the places as long as you're adding value to the audience that is seeing it. Oh, feel like you're going on a soapbox there for a second but we're back. We're back. Okay, a step down. Got off.

Radical Repurposing Waitlist:

It's just I told you I'll get passionate about this. I get so excited when I start talking about repurposing content. So I cannot wait. I'm actually going to link to the waitlist page. So I have a waitlist for radical repurposing it is launching in October 2022. I cannot wait.Like just just just wait like, I cannot wait to share with you the things that I'm creating behind the scenes, I actually have someone that's helping me shout out Sydney, she is incredible. She's helping me create the course materials that are gonna go inside the program.And I got such a sweet note from her today. She said, This curriculum is amazing. Like it is so good. And it just like it filled me with so much pride.Because I've created other courses, I've created long courses, short courses,expensive courses, affordable courses, like I've created the whole gamut of courses. And this is the one where I spent so much more time planning, creating strategizing before I ever actually created anything that was outside of a Google Doc,I've spent the last what I said I started in May right when I was really started looking at it, I'm like looking at my calendar of it. So 1234 I spent like almost five months in nothing but a notebook with a pin and a Google Doc, five months, creating, planning,scheming, Systemising,organizing, like all the things,and I just cannot wait to share this with you. It's going to be so incredible. So go to the show notes, get on the waitlist, I can't wait. It's gonna be so much fun.It's gonna be so awesome. But thank you for listening today.If you have any other questions about repurposing, or you going to be featured on the podcast,this is something that's new. So I'm gonna link to my pod inbox page. And you can submit a question like if you are like Krystal, these were great today.But I have a very specific question that no one has asked or you've never talked about before. Please go to my pod inbox page and submit your question. You can submit it in audio format, you can do it in text, but I would love to hear from you. Whatever your repurposing content questions are, and there's no silly questions out there. So I hope to hear from you. This is gonna be so much fun.So again, go to check out everything we talked about today. But that's all I have for you. So if this is your first time tuning in,what a fun episode to start with. I hope you go back and listen to all of our other content about repurposing and strategizing content and all the things that we've covered here on the Prophet podcast. Make sure you hit the follow or subscribe button wherever you are listening and as always remember, keep it up. We all have to start somewhere